Raincoat transformer 6 in 1 Womenson in beige color

Womenson (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)
Waterproof modular raincoat in beige color.
Transforms into more than 6 complete things for your wardrobe!
Major modifications:
  • Raincoat with belt
  • Extra long vest (sleeveless trench coat)
  • Jacket
  • Vest
  • The back side of the vest
  • Pencil skirt
And various combinations of skirts and jackets.
It is combined with sneakers, rough boots and even heeled sandals.
This version adds elegant cuffs with buttons and updated the material of top. The cuffs have a contrasting black lining which allows you to complete the image by twisting them.
The rest of the cloak has retained the style with many functional elements: deliberately large pockets, overlays, buttons and zippers and the most unpredictable modifications.

Model in the photo:
  • Product Size: S
  • Height: 178 cm
  • Chest: 81 cm
  • Waist: 61 cm
  • Hips: 89 cm
Instructions for modifications of the trench-transformer 6 in 1
1. Jacket
Remove the belt and unfasten the hem.
2. Extra long vest (dress or sleeveless trench coat)
Detach the sleeves. In this modification, you also have the opportunity to play with your zippers on the hem to slightly stretch your raincoat, getting a spectacular tail. This image is perfectly complemented by a fluffy skirt, for example, a tulle skirt with pockets FatiSun from WOMENSON.
3. Vest
Unfasten the hem and sleeves completely.
4. The reverse side of the vest
Turn the vest inside out with the valves on the shoulders. Please note that the vest is fastened with the reverse side on the buttons, not on the zipper. You shuld remember that this side of the vest is made of thick cotton without water-repellent impregnation, and can get wet in the rain.
5. Skirt
Fasten the hem from the transformer cloak to the belt. Put on the skirt, fastening on the first few buttons, and adjust so that the skirt sits on the hips. Then fasten the belt. Now the skirt should sit perfectly.
Please note that after you have fixed the skirt with a belt, you have the opportunity to unfasten the buttons and hem of the skirt so that you get a spectacular tail.
6. Combinations
Play with skirt and top combinations: wear a skirt and a jacket, a skirt and a vest, a skirt and the back of a vest together.
7. The reverse side of the jacket
Perhaps the most controversial and undocumented modification of the transformer cloak discovered by our customers, but why not? Turn the entire jacket. Get another spectacular look! But you may feel some discomfort from the shoulder flaps, which in this modification will be inside. You can avoid discomfort by putting on the jacket gently so that the valves do not roll up.
8. Belt
Wear a belt as a separate element of your image. He is quite self-sufficient.

belt: yes

care: Delicate wash in cool water (max 30°C / 85°F)

collar: turndown

composition: 60% cotton, 40% polyester with water-repellent impregnation; inner side of vest: 100% cotton without WR

fastener: zipper

hood: no

length: midi

neckline: V-shaped

silhouette: fitted

sleeve: long, detachable

color: beige

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